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Genesis of a Time Lord - Chapter 9: Whispers of a Time Lord

Written in 1998, Genesis of a Time Lord used the mythology of Doctor Who to educate in a fun way the definition of Cystic Fibrosis.

Join James and find out how he came to know that Cystic Fibrosis is not all it's made to be.

Previously in Chapter 8:

“Yes, well,” he began, “next time you want to witness the destruction of a planet, do not land on the planet you are studying. Now move along and don’t attempt to navigate it again, not until you’ve complete knowledge of what you’re doing.” He instructed watching us go to our dorm with puzzled looks on our faces, wondering how he knew where we went.

CHAPTER 9: Whispers of a Time Lord

It was a glorious evening. I was with Lisa and some other Time Lords in the garden of remembrance watching a meteor shower. We watched as different colours of reds, greens and blues flew across the sky. It was the first time I had seen such an exhibition in all my life. It was magnificent. After the meteor shower passed, I went to my room to listen to some music to help me relax as I lay on my bed with my eyes closed.

I was about fifteen minutes into the process when I started to receive more planetary information from my subconscious. Due to the meditating I was doing at the time, the dizziness effects I experienced on previous occasions did not occur. The information being fed was amazing. I lost count of the different life forms that existed throughout the universe. I learned even Mars eventually had life forming on it, which surprised me considering that the bacterial life found a few Earth years ago was supposed to be origins of Earth from the big bang. Then again I suppose that even humans can make the odd mistake with the primitive computer technology they have compared with what I had seen on Gallifrey. Once the intake of the new information had ceased, I continued with the meditation as though nothing had happened.

I was another twenty-five minutes into my meditation when I started to hear someone’s voice. At first I thought the voice I heard was coming from outside, so I ignored it. But when the voice started to call my name, I sat up and went to open the door thinking someone from the corridor was calling me. However I found the corridor was empty, so I closed the door and went to the window. I looked out onto the empty garden. It was then I figured someone was playing tricks and hiding, so I answered whomever it was calling me.

“Who’s there?” I whispered looking around the room, expecting someone to jump out.

“It’s me, the Doctor.” The voice replied.

“Where are you?” I asked looking round.

“I’m back on Earth dealing with Cybermen.”

“Well how is it I can hear you?” I asked.

“I’ve locked onto your mind so I can communicate via telepathy.” He replied.

“Well,” I began, “what’s up Doc?” Feeling relieved I wasn’t imagining things.

“Kindly refrain from calling me ‘Doc’.” He said, and then went on to say he had found out a space mission from Earth travelling to Mars had drifted into a time tunnel, which had taken then to Skaro, the Daleks home planet.

“What can I do about that?” I asked.

“I had the idea that as your TARDIS is in better condition than mine, it would be easier and quicker if you rescued them before they get themselves into trouble.”

“But,” I began, “I have already been caught using the TARDIS once when I took it on a test flight, and Borusa wasn’t too happy about it either.”

“Borusa?” asked the Doctor in a shocked tone. “Um, yes I know about that.” He continued. “If you can get the space mission off Skaro and back to Earth, you could then return to Gallifrey in the same time you left. That way no one will notice you had gone, I hope.”

“How am I going to find space mission?” I asked.

“When you type in the coordinates, instead of doing what you did before, go to the search panel. On the display screen type in ‘ST2020’, the name of the mission ship, and hopefully the TARDIS will track the whereabouts of the ship’s travel and take you to the landing destination on Skaro, hopefully without any problems.”

“What about the date when the ship landed?” I asked.

“The TARDIS search panel will give you a detailed tracking history of the ST2020, which will include when the ship landed on Skaro and how long it stayed there. All you have to do is land the TARDIS in the time the ship arrived, collect your passengers before they come out of their ship, and help get them back to their correct destination.” Said the Doctor. “Whatever you do,” he continued, “don’t forget to take anti-radiation pills if you decide to venture out onto Skaro’s surface.”

“Sounds easy enough.” I said starting to get excited at the thought of another trip in my TARDIS again.

“Don’t forget to be careful. If you wish, take someone like Lisa with you for guidance.” He said, “Oh and good luck.” He concluded as his voice faded away.

When I knew for certain he had gone, I noted down what I had to do and feeling excited, I made my way to the door, opened it and headed to Lisa’s room to see if she would join me on the journey.

19 July 2020 – ST2020, near Mars

“What a wonderful sight.” thought John aloud as he looked at the huge lifeless volcano mountains of Mars.

Looking over his shoulder was Janet Sayers, a space scientist, who was also admiring the view. “Yes,” she said, “if you look over there,” she began, “you can see Mount Olympus the largest volcano anywhere in the Sun’s family. You can also make out the white patch covering the Martian pole.” She concluded.

Looking at her in amazement, John said, “Hey you’re not just a pretty face are you?”

“Well I guess three years studying paid off for missions like this one.” She replied sitting back in her chair.

It had been five years since the colonisation of Mars started. The occupants of the planet were construction workers, who had been working on the next project of buildings, and the technicians who had been doing final checks to see whether everything was in working order before the first set of millennium buildings were made ready for its occupants. In the main station were computer technicians monitoring the sky of Mars. They observed as a contact appeared on the radar screen. Assuming the contact was a spaceship; one of the technicians got onto the radio transmitter and tried to make contact with the ship.

“This is Mars Station One, are you reading over,” he said.

“Mars Station One, I am the Captain of ST2020 copying you loud and clear over.” The voice on the radio replied. “Require permission to land over.”

Checking the landing ground was clear, the technician turned back to the radio. “Permission to land granted over.”

As the Captain of the ship set about landing procedures to his team, John looked at his navigation monitor to find that they were not alone in the vicinity of space they were in. Pointing out to the Captain something was wrong, the Captain told him it could be just a meteor passing by. As landing procedures continued, John witnessed the ‘meteor’ seen on his screen flare up. Quickly, John looked out of a porthole, and gave an exclamation to a light he saw heading towards the ship. Almost at once, the light, which dazzled its occupants, surrounded the ship, and as quick as the light came, it also disappeared. When the occupants came too, the first to look out the porthole to see what had happened was Janet. Looking back towards the others in shock, it was not long before everyone on the ship were informed that they were in a totally different vicinity of space to that they were in a few seconds before. Not taking everything that happened in, John too looked out of the porthole to confirm what Janet had said.

“Can you tell me what’s happening here?” He asked with concern, looking at Janet.

“All I can say,” She began, “is that I don’t know what happened, but we’re nowhere near where we were before.”

“I don’t understand how this can be,” the Captain said.

4 May 5730 – Gallifrey

Once again I found myself, with Lisa, setting coordinates in the console room of the TARDIS. Just like the Doctor had said, I managed to find a search panel on the display screen, and just as the Doctor ordered, I typed in the name of the spaceship and the planet that I was to find it on. Again as the Doctor said, the search panel gave me a time span as to when the ship landed on Skaro, and how long it stayed there. Setting the coordinates to the time it arrived on Skaro, the TARDIS was soon ready to go to its destination.

“Are you sure we’ll get away with this?” Lisa asked, “I mean although Borusa knew we had gone on that test flight, I’m still wondering where it was he got the knowledge from.”

“Yes I too have been wondering that. Plus the Doctor knew too.” I said pressing the button to dematerialise.

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