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Genesis of a Time Lord - Chapter 4: Bigger on the Inside

Written in 1998, Genesis of a Time Lord used the mythology of Doctor Who to educate in a fun way the definition of Cystic Fibrosis.

Join James and find out how he came to know that Cystic Fibrosis is not all it's made to be.

Previously in Chapter 3:

"U.N.I.T. came up with the common genetic disorder, Cystic Fibrosis, so those who knew about the Time Lords could distinguish between them and a human. It was the Medical Science Team of U.N.I.T. who started to help produce the treatment you have been receiving. So these ideas of you being ill were a worldwide government cover up for your safety.”

“What? But even I thought I had it.” I said.

Mum replied, “it was for your safety that even you and others like you believed you had this disorder too.”

Still not being able to take in what I was told, I asked for some further proof of all this. Perhaps photos of the Doctor and his TARDIS for instance. I saw my parent’s exchange glances and Dad looked at me and replied, “I’ll show you in the morning.”

CHAPTER 4: Bigger on the Inside

I didn’t get much sleep. Between light sleeps I lay there in bed either thinking about what I learned the previous night or wondering what it was Dad was going to show me. There were so many things going through my mind. Yet somehow I was surprisingly calm about it all. As though somehow I knew the events that took place so far was suppose to happen. I don’t know why, but rather than feel mortified finding out about being adopted, I was rather more curious about what was to come from this and happy over the concept that Cystic Fibrosis doesn’t actually exist. I must admit I did start to question where all my other fellow sufferers who ‘passed away’ were now I knew this latest revelation about Cystic Fibrosis. If they were still alive, where were they?

The following morning, I got out of bed and prepared myself for what was yet to come. I didn’t know whether I was to be excited or otherwise. What I already learned about my life the night before was a shock. Even after a night’s mix of light sleeping and heavy thinking, I still could not believe it. I decided until I saw for myself what was claimed was true, even though this was all backed by photographic evidence, I decided to continue to be sceptical about it all. I just couldn’t believe that a man had the abilities to travel through time and space in a blue box. It was absolutely ridiculous. Although I had seen photos of the creatures I had visions of, I simply wanted to see something more solid. In the mean time, I had to set aside my thoughts on this and get ready for my nephew’s christening. I did my usual regime of physiotherapy and took the tablets required to digest food, and then went upstairs to get ready for the christening.

After the christening, some of the family were invited back to my parent’s house for a buffet lunch. Sandwiches, sausage rolls, pizza, quiche and other food items were laid out on the dining room table, and extra chairs were brought into the lounge for people to sit. During the family gathering I heard Mum tell my sister, Angela, about the Doctor making contact with me the day before. Mum explained to Angela how the Doctor sent telepathic visions of creatures as a test to see if I was ready to be taught about my origins. I looked at my sister as she took all this in and noticed how her expression was similar to the one Mum gave me the other night. All I could hear from my sister was a comment about how I must have reached the required level of maturity sooner than expected.

As the last of the guests left, my parents, Angela and I commenced tidying away the remains of the buffet and washing up. Paul was in his bouncer babbling to himself. The kettle was switched on boiling water as we finished clearing away the last plate. The kettle clicked off indicating the hot water was ready to pour into the teapot. As I poured the boiling water onto the teabags in the teapot, my thoughts were on when I would be shown further proof to all the claims made about the Doctor and these creatures. I started to take 4 cups from the drying rack when my Dad walked into the kitchen with my car keys.

“Come on.” He said. “I’ve got something to show you.” And he exited the kitchen making his way to the front door with me following.

Outside the house we walked out to my car. My Dad gave me my car keys and instructed me to open the driver’s door. As I did as instructed, a panel appeared in the side of the door. Inside the panel was a keypad. I was told to enter into the keypad my date of birth and then the present date. I did as I was told, but nothing happened. And then suddenly the car started to vibrate as a humming sound started to come from it. Then, the most fascinating thing I had ever seen happened. The car transformed from the Austin Allegro I inserted my key into, to a Volkswagen Polo, and then a Volkswagen Beetle. These were the previous cars I had from when I first started driving. No one could believe what was happening. I put my hand on the car to see if what I saw was real. On touching the car, I quickly withdrew my hand.

“What was that?” I asked with a surprised look.

“What?” asked my Dad.

“The vibrations?” I said.

“I don’t know.” Came the reply. “I’ve not seen this happen before.”

Grasping onto the car door key, I removed it from the lock, opened the door and positioned myself ready for sitting down in the driver’s seat. However to my surprise, instead of sitting comfortably on the seat, I fell and landed with a bump on the ground with an echo. As I picked myself up off the floor, I realised I was no longer inside a car, but instead a large room. I could not believe it; slowly I got up and started to look around and just like in my visions, the walls were a light grey with cream coloured roundels embedded in them and there was a hexagon console in the centre of the room. Remembering the symbols I saw the night before on the gearstick, I made my own conclusion I was now standing inside the TARDIS. I turned to walk out of the TARDIS to see what it looked like from the outside. However I was stopped in my tracks by a sudden vibration of sound coming from behind me. As quick as a flash, I turned to find a section of the wall at the other end of the room open up revealing a screen. The screen flickered as an image started to appear. As I moved myself closer to the screen, I found myself looking at a man I recognised from somewhere. My jaw dropped open in disbelief that my visions were becoming more and more of a reality.

“Hello,” said the man with a toothy grin.

I didn’t respond. Instead I stumbled out of the TARDIS back into the street and found myself looking not at a huge ship as I expected, but the Volkswagen Beetle I previously stepped into.

“I never thought I’d see that tatty thing again,” said Mum as she looked at the rundown Beetle.

“Neither did I.” I exclaimed, “You’re not going to believe this.” I continued.

“Believe what?” asked Angela.

“Um, I think you need to see for yourself.” I said as I stepped back into the Beetle.

From inside the TARDIS I waited for my parents and Angela to enter. I could hear the passenger door open and Angela making out some exclamation as she made an attempt to find the lever that released the passenger seat to tip it forward to allow passengers to climb into the back of the car. I witnessed as she instead fell into the large room I was now standing in. The expression on her face made me laugh. As she got herself up from the floor, she looked around in admiration as I did when I realised I wasn’t in a Beetle anymore.

“Flamin’ ‘eck!” Angela exclaimed, “It’s big isn’t it?”

“Yes.” answered the man with a toothy grin who was still displayed on the screen.

We turned and looked at the screen not noticing our parents fall into the room as we previous did.

“Ah!” began the man as he looked at my Mum, “I wondered when I would see you again.” He continued, still with a toothy grin. He reminded me of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. I did start to wonder at one point that if he blew through his teeth, if they would flap and sound like a mouth organ like the Cheshire Cat’s did.

Brushing herself down as she got herself up off the floor, Mum looked in awe at the size of the room and then noticed the screen displaying the man.

“It’s you!” Mum said.

“Mum,” I began. “Who is he?”

“I am many things.” the man said in a booming voice. “To some I am a clown, others a philanthropist, to my enemies a target, my allies I am a hero. However to my dear dear friends, I am known as...”

“The Doctor.” Said Mum cutting in.

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