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Genesis of a Time Lord - Chapter 17: A new life

Written in 1998, Genesis of a Time Lord used the mythology of Doctor Who to educate in a fun way the definition of Cystic Fibrosis.

Join James and find out how he came to know that Cystic Fibrosis is not all it's made to be.

Previously in Chapter 16:

The TARDIS made it back to the garden just a day late. Knowing for sure that we would have been caught, I opened the doors and departed with Lisa knowing who was going to be outside waiting for us.

“And where have you been this time?” Borusa asked with arms folded and tapping his foot.

“Well, err…” I began.

“For another ride I suppose?” Borusa asked.

“Of course.” Lisa replied.

“You do know the penalties for breaking the laws of time?” He asked with a frown.

“Well err…” I said again feeling the sweat dripping from my forehead.

“I see Davros is paying for his crime with what you did then?” He said this time with a smile. “Had you not done what you did out there, we would’ve been finished. You two seem to think alike when it comes to taking action against enemies.”

CHAPTER 17: A new life

5 May 5732 (2 years later) – Gallifrey

It’s two years since I left the familiar world I grew up in to learn of my origins. Lisa and I became very close and learned a lot about the Time Lords, Gallifrey, and the laws of time. Both of us realised the hard way the consequences of attempting to change history when we went on our first adventure in the TARDIS to defeat Davros, who paid for his crime with his life as he burned in his own trap.

Borusa became a great teacher at the Prydonian Academy, and on occasion he visited Gallifey’s Academy to welcome new Time Lords who found their roots like Lisa and I did.

Lisa and I didn’t venture much in the TARDIS until we passed our theory and practical exams that would allow us to drive the ship. I must admit I did expect us to be charged for piloting the TARDIS without a license. However the charges were dropped as a result of our actions in defeating Davros. Feeling content now we had come to the end of our learning, Lisa and I felt another adventure in the TARDIS closing in on us. As we approached my TARDIS, I saw Borusa standing near the ship expecting us.

“Leaving so soon?” Borusa asked.

“Just one small and safe trip.” I began, “we’ve learned a lot coming here, and will continue learning. Accompanied by Lisa, I stepped into the TARDIS, turned and said, “We’ll be back, I promise.” At this Borusa watched as the TARDIS dematerialised.

11 October 1998 – Earth

Back on Earth a family stood in the street watching as the door to a rundown Volkswagen Beetle close, and then the car started to fade away. As the family turned to go into the house, a sudden sound of running water stopped them from taking a step further. One of them exclaimed at the spot from which the car had disappeared. Instead of finding the spot empty, there was a fountain. They watched in amazement as the fountain changed into a 1998 red Ford Fiesta.

“It can’t be,” began one of the bystanders, “He’s only just left.”

They all watched as the driver and passenger side doors opened. Out of the passenger side came a young lady of about 20, who stood about 5 foot, 7 inches, with brown hair that reached just past her shoulders and blue eyes. She wore a white gown, which reached down below her knees, showing the bottom part of her red trousers and black shoes.

“Who has only just left?” She asked smiling.

“My Son, James.” Mum replied.

“You mean me?” I said as I stepped from the driver’s door. “Hello Mum.” I said as I went to give her a hug.

“Bleedin’ hell, that was a quick journey.” Angela said bewildered.

“To you it was, whereas to me it’s been a couple of hectic years.” I said. “By the way, this is Lisa, a companion I picked up on my travels.” I concluded.

Now that I have full knowledge to my identity, I am ready to tell others about what life was like for me when I found where Cystic Fibrosis was much more than just a disorder.


11 October 2008 – Earth

It has been ten years since all this happened. Over the years I have been learning more about my people the Time Lords. During which Lisa and I became close companions after all we had been through. Back in the year 2001, I moved away from my parents home a few miles to a wonderful house in Woolston with Lisa. The house is a semi-detached set in a cul-de-sac. It encloses three bedrooms, a converted loft, double garage which is where we keep the TARDIS, a nice sized back garden and a nice long driveway for when we have visitors. It took about four years for us to get the house and garden to how we wanted them.

Lisa and I married five years after we moved into our home. We continue to travel through time and space whilst using our Woolston home on Earth as a base to start a family. Doing this has been difficult for us, but we eventually got there.

When I believed I had Cystic Fibrosis, I was told that although patients were able to become parents, there was some difficulty in doing so. We seem to think on this occasion Earth’s atmosphere wasn’t to blame and the problem originates from Gallifrey’s atmosphere. That is my conclusion anyway, which came from the fact Time Lords live in a Citadel contained inside a rather large Panoptican. Anyway, Lisa is due to have our first and only daughter, Susan, who I am looking forward to sharing the adventures I had over the last ten years, including my first encounter with the Daleks. I am hoping that when Susan grows up, she will take up travelling just like her parents, and share her experiences with her loved ones. I just hope she will not feel as isolated as I first did when I found out my genetic origin.

10 January 3012 – Skaro

“Emperor Dalek has been located!” Bellowed the mechanical voice of a Dalek, which had been motionless for the past 18 months scanning the time vortex of Mars for its lost Emperor. “The return of Davros shall be momentary.”

At this a transmat next to the time corridor console started to hum and vibrate. There was a slight aura of a familiar form taking hold on the device as the Emperor and four Daleks materialised.

“How dare that intruding Time Lord make a mockery of me!” Davros bellowed. “I will soon teach him not to thwart my plans!”

A large monitor hanging from the wall behind Davros flickered, as a picture emerged from the blackness that previously showed. White dots formed randomly onto the screen followed by a large blue orb lightly covered with small white mists took place in the centre.

“Wretched planet!” bellowed Davros. “I will soon dispose of the Time Lords and this planet!”

From the beginning of the Daleks, during the war on Skaro, where Davros commenced the genetic engineering, which evolved into the creation of the Daleks, the Doctor and his companions had the tendency to interfere with Davros’ plans. However since Davros gained knowledge of time travel, he found something on Earth relating to the Doctor and his home planet. In the wrong hands this something could lead to destruction. This was something the Doctor had taken to Earth for hiding against enemies such as Davros. This something was known as the Hand of Omega.

23 November 1963 – Earth

On the streets of London, inside a small junkyard on Tanners Lane stood a Police Box. Why someone would place such a box in a place where it would not be seen was a question about to be answered by two unsuspected teachers, who were very suspicious over one of their schoolgirls, who showed high intelligence for her age. On one particular foggy evening they followed the schoolgirl home to confirm where she lived and also to see if they could see her grandfather they only knew as Doctor Foreman.

Standing near to the Police Box, the teachers knew there was something strange about the box from the vibration it gave off as whatever it held inside hummed. Whilst examining the box, an old man entered the junkyard. Luckily for the teachers they had the darkness on their side and were able to hide before the old man could see them. They observed as the old man approached the Police Box branding a key to the door. As he was about to open the door, the young schoolgirl could be heard welcoming him from inside. This resulted in the teachers giving themselves away when they gasped that the schoolgirl was kept locked inside the Police Box. After they confronted the old man, who exchanged a few words with them after being accused of keeping a young schoolgirl locked inside, they struggled with him when the doors were opened. The old man called out to the schoolgirl inside to quickly close the doors. However it was too late. Before anything could be done, the teachers pushed their way into the box and were followed by the distressed old man, who was trying desperately hard to hide whatever it was he had inside the Police Box. The doors closed behind them and all could be heard from the junkyard was the humming of the Police Box, and an argument between the old man and three younger people, one of which the old man was very close to. The argument was followed by a struggle before the Police Box roared into life and vanished like magic.

Not long after the Police Box had vanished, than did it reappear once more, but in the next street from the junkyard. When the door opened, the occupants had changed in numbers and in age. Instead of a grumpy old man accompanied by his granddaughter and two schoolteachers, there were two people this time. One was middle-aged with a manipulative, secretive and angst-ridden look, sporting a Panama hat and umbrella with a red question mark for a handle. A girl in her mid-teens with long dark hair, who looked quite out of place wearing her leather jacket with many badges and holding a ghetto blaster followed him. They had previously shared an adventure on a space station, where not all was as it seemed. Now they had landed back where the middle-aged man encountered his first companions when he was in his original incarnation, before heading for one adventure after another, sharing his experiences with the many companions he had picked up along the way. The outcome of the next mission they were about to embark on depended upon him finding a casket, and something that was hidden inside that he left behind. Something that, if placed in the wrong hands, could cause death and destruction.


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