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Genesis of a Time Lord - Chapter 16: Planet of the Dead

Written in 1998, Genesis of a Time Lord used the mythology of Doctor Who to educate in a fun way the definition of Cystic Fibrosis.

Join James and find out how he came to know that Cystic Fibrosis is not all it's made to be.

Previously in Chapter 15:

Lisa started to get the idea and concluded, “So when the Daleks and their clones of our clones depart our reconstructed ST2020 on Mars, we can then dematerialise from Mars and leave them stranded?”

“That’s right.” I said. “The only thing is the Daleks may detect the seismic energy coming from the TARDIS like they did when we materialised around the time corridor control panel.” I looked at the console thinking aloud. “However they didn’t spot use when they transported the TARDIS to Mars.” Shaking my head, my mind was made up. “Given we’ve a fifty percent chance of this part of the plan workings, this is a risk we’ll just have to take.”

At this we continued our search, which soon ended in victory. We read through the instructions for setting the TARDIS to carry out the task of morphing it into the ST2020. When this was done, the cloned crew were put into their places on the reconstructed ST2020 and we landed on Skaro.

CHAPTER 16: Planet of the Dead

11 August 2925 – Mars

“At last, my plan has worked.” Davros said feeling happy now things were finally going the way he wanted without a certain meddling Time Lord getting in the way. “I am now going to watch this from a safe distance.”

As he and his Daleks departed from Mars Station to make their way to the ST2020, he turned back to the prisoners. “I no longer call for your assistance.” He said as he watched his Daleks turned and exterminate them with one single blast. Smiling he turned once more and continued on his way. As he and his Daleks approached the ST2020, Davros watched in disbelief as the ship dematerialised.

“NO!” bellowed Davros, “This cannot be!” He turned and headed back into Mars Station, his Daleks followed, and together they started scanning the screen to give coordinates of where the ST2020 had gone. After a few seconds of silence, one Dalek turned its dome towards Davros and said, “The ST2020 can not be initiated.”

“NO!” bellowed Davros, “This cannot be correct! Keep searching.” He ordered.

“I obey.” The Dalek said as it turned its dome to look back at the screen. “The ST2020 can not be initiated.”

Another Dalek spotted a line disappear from the screen. “ALERT! ALERT!” It bellowed, “Time corridor to Skaro has gone off course. We are stranded.” It concluded, “ALERT! ALERT!”

“NO! That is not possible!” began Davros in outrage as he watched the screen flicker to a blank as the time corridor disappeared.

“It’s no use Davros.” An unfamiliar voice said across the communications radio. “You’re trapped!”

“What?” A startled Davros said. “Who are you?”

In the TARDIS I switched the communications to visual to reveal myself to Davros. “I am a Time Lord. You’ve been caught at attempting to change Earth’s history and with your plans foiled, you are about to face the consequence of this!”

“What? Who? How?” A very startled Davros said.

“You heard me. You’ve been found out, and now I’m here to stop you in your tracks before any real damage is done. Do you really think the Time Lords would let you get away with this?” I asked.

“But my plans have worked,” began Davros, “Earth is about to be destroyed!”

“That’s what you think.” I replied. “Take a look at your controls. What do they tell you?”

There was silence as Davros looked around him. He realised that he was not where he supposed to be. When this sunk in, he yelled out with anger. “NOOOOOO!”

“Aw there,” I said as though I was speaking to a crying baby, “never mind hey?”

“Do not rile me!” He said getting really angry. “I shall destroy you!”

“And how do you propose to do that?” Lisa asked. “You’ve no weapons apart from your Daleks. You’re stranded in this time and space with no ship or link to your home planet. You can’t go anywhere.”

“Oh and any second now,” I smirked, “you’re about to be destroyed along with your Daleks when the solar flares reach you.”

I looked back at the altered history of Earth Davros attempted to make, and the pain Lisa and I endured as we sensed the feelings of the humans in the event, the pain had become just a memory.

Looking back at Davros, I glared at him. “There may be damage to Earth caused by your actions, but no damage to its history.”

I brought my face closer to the screen and stared Davros in the face as though we were in the same room. “The damage done is not as bad as what you wanted, but one thing is for sure,” I looked at the scanner as the sun’s flares swallowed the Earth. “Earth will be safe once it’s all ended.” I added “bye bye” as I switched the communications off and set the coordinates to take the ST2020 and its crew back to the year 2020.

“There’s one problem though.” Lisa said. “What about those who were taken prisoner on Mars Station?”

I looked at Lisa with sorrow and replied, “I looked at the TARDIS log to see if there was any activity still going on Mars in the year 2925. I found the planet had been evacuated onto space beacons just like the Earth. Those left behind chose to stay to face their destiny.” I looked back at the scanner as Mars was being inhumed by flares. “So sad those unfortunate humans weren’t able to die the way they wished.”

“Now,” I said changing the subject, “to get you five back to where you belong.” I felt a sigh of relief coming from the crew at the thought that they were now out of danger and going back to normality. “Just one promise though?”

“And what’s that?” The Captain asked.

“You’ve seen what’s to happen in your future. Just please don’t breathe a word about it to anyone. Besides, you don’t need to. The future of your race is safe.”

“Who would believe us anyway?” The Captain asked smiling.

At this the crew departed into their ship and waited as they were transported back to their rightful place in time and space.

“It is sad in a way that it’s all over.” Lisa said. “I was really beginning to enjoy myself then.”

“I’m pretty sure more adventures will follow in our lifetime.” I replied with a smile.

I set the controls to take the ST2020 back to its time on Mars, and then prepared myself for what was yet to come when we got back to Gallifrey.

5 May 5730 – Gallifrey

The TARDIS made it back to the garden just a day late. Knowing for sure that we would have been caught, I opened the doors and departed with Lisa knowing who was going to be outside waiting for us.

“And where have you been this time?” Borusa asked with arms folded and tapping his foot.

“Well, err…” I began.

“For another ride I suppose?” Borusa asked.

“Of course.” Lisa replied.

“You do know the penalties for breaking the laws of time?” He asked with a frown.

“Well err…” I said again feeling the sweat dripping from my forehead.

“I see Davros is paying for his crime with what you did then?” He said this time with a smile. “Had you not done what you did out there, we would’ve been finished. You two seem to think alike when it comes to taking action against enemies.”

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