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Genesis of a Time Lord - Chapter 15: A Dolly for Davros

Written in 1998, Genesis of a Time Lord used the mythology of Doctor Who to educate in a fun way the definition of Cystic Fibrosis.

Join James and find out how he came to know that Cystic Fibrosis is not all it's made to be.

Previously in Chapter 14:

“He’s changed how things are to be.” I replied as I started working on the controls to take us to the one room where all this turmoil had started. “And I’m going to change it back!” I said in anger.

At this Lisa came to her senses and approached the console to help me as I continued to work on the controls to take us to the Daleks’ control room to stop Davros and his immoral schemes.

CHAPTER 15: A Dolly for Davros

The room was almost silent. All that could be heard was the humming of the electronics inside the vast machines that operated the time corridor. Checking the scanners to see if there were any Daleks about, we found the room was empty. Perhaps Davros thought no one would exploit this far into the Dalek City without being seen. Even if there were Daleks in the room, it did not matter as I had set the coordinates to land the TARDIS on the time corridor control panel so I could operate the time corridor without leaving the TARDIS. There was no way I was going to let myself get caught by stepping outside into the open.

Looking at the panel, it was almost identical to the controls of the TARDIS. “This is going to be easy.” I thought aloud as I reset the time coordinates to 11 August 2925 and left the destination as set by the Daleks.

As I set the time corridor to its new destination, the scanners showed two Daleks entering the control room. Hoping that they would not detect the TARDIS, I set the controls to dematerialise as quickly as I could. Just as I finished, one of the Daleks approached the time corridor control panel.

“Alert! Alert! Sensors detect seismic energy flowing from the time corridor control panel. Energy readings confirm that they are of a TARDIS. There are intruders in the city. Seek and destroy.” The Dalek grated. “The TARDIS is to be destroyed to prevent escape!” At this the Dalek aimed its neutraliser towards the time corridor control panel. Just as it released a charge of the high-energy of fire at the TARDIS, the TARDIS dematerialised.

The TARDIS crew watched as the Dalek not only miss the TARDIS by a fraction of a second, but also destroyed the time corridor control panel, thus putting it out of service.

“It’ll take some time for that to be mended.” I began. “When they do fix it, they’ll be searching for their master, hopefully in the wrong time-zone as I don’t think they’ll realise what I’ve done.” I turned to the others before I continued. “Now to get you five duplicated again.” I said walking out of the control room into the long corridor I had entered before.

“Where are we going?” Lisa asked.

“We’re off to the food replicator.” I replied.

When we got there, I got out a first-aid kit and took from it a lancet kit and five sampling tubes. The lancet kit was used to take small blood samples from the finger to test blood sugar levels for diabetes. This was something that Time Lords had to keep check on every now and then just to make sure their bodies were coping with the alternative diet and lifestyle they lived on whilst on Earth. However I had a different use for this. Asking the crew to hold out their hands, I took blood samples from them into the sampling tubes.

“What are you doing?” Lisa asked puzzled.

“When I read the TARDIS log, I found there was a replicator onboard the TARDIS. Its use was to make identical versions of samples put into the analyser. I’m hoping that if I got it to analysis the DNA of the crew, it will create clone I can leave on Skaro where the crew landed.”

“Good idea, but will it work?” Lisa asked. I must admit that I didn’t like the scepticism, but she was asking what I was thinking. In my mind I had my fingers crossed, as this part of my plan was really important. If it didn’t work, then that was it. I had no idea what else I could do where it wouldn’t involve putting lives at risk.

I’m not sure if it was my face that gave me away, or Lisa just knew what I was thinking, but I could see that she knew that I too was sceptic about this plan. In the end I had to admit it. I looked at her and said, “I’m not sure to be honest. Its main use is to replicate food for the crew of the TARDIS. Whether it will replicate living beings is another matter.”

My hearts were beating like a drum as I went over to the replicator and inserted the DNA blood samples of the crew. One by one I put the samples into the machine. The machine started to hum as it analysed the DNA. Then it started to vibrate vigorously as though it couldn’t cope. Steam also started to flow from the back of the machine.

“It’s not going to work.” Lisa said as she and the others started to back out of the room.

As she said this, there came a glow in front of the machine. Slowly but surely, five figures started to appear one by one. “It’s working.” I said jumping up and down with excitement. “It’s working.” I started dancing. The light faded and the steam cleared revealing five clones of the ST2020 crew.

“Now to transport these clones to where you landed.” I said walking out the room.

Guiding the clones into the console room, I started looking quickly through the TARDIS log. When asked what I was looking for, I explained that before I got my TARDIS, it had been disguised as the cars I had owned throughout my driving life. I said that at one point, not only did the TARDIS look like a car from the outside, but also the inside. I queried that if the TARDIS was able to do this when it was a car; could I get it to do it again, but this time as the ST2020? Lisa began to help me search through the TARDIS log to find the answer.

“The idea is that if we could make the TARDIS look like the ST2020 from the inside as well as the outside, we could land the TARDIS on the exact spot where the ship landed and leave the clones in the reconstructed ST2020 whilst we hide safely in the console room.” I said. “Hopefully when the clones are captured by the Daleks, they will carry out their plan of invading Mars.”

Lisa started to get the idea and concluded, “So when the Daleks and their clones of our clones depart our reconstructed ST2020 on Mars, we can then dematerialise from Mars and leave them stranded?”

“That’s right.” I said. “The only thing is the Daleks may detect the seismic energy coming from the TARDIS like they did when we materialised around the time corridor control panel.” I looked at the console thinking aloud. “However they didn’t spot use when they transported the TARDIS to Mars.” Shaking my head, my mind was made up. “Given we’ve a fifty percent chance of this part of the plan workings, this is a risk we’ll just have to take.”

At this we continued our search, which soon ended in victory. We read through the instructions for setting the TARDIS to carry out the task of morphing it into the ST2020. When this was done, the cloned crew were put into their places on the reconstructed ST2020 and we landed on Skaro.

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