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Genesis of a Time Lord - Chapter 14: The Heat Wave of Summer 2020

Written in 1998, Genesis of a Time Lord used the mythology of Doctor Who to educate in a fun way the definition of Cystic Fibrosis.

Join James and find out how he came to know that Cystic Fibrosis is not all it's made to be.

Previously in Chapter 13:

Inside the ST2020, Davros entered the control room, which he upgraded so the Daleks could access the controls, and made his way to what was the Captain’s post. The Daleks got themselves into position for takeoff, and set the controls to head back to the time corridor. Just as they entered the time corridor, a powerful ray of light pushed its way through space from Mars Station and headed out towards the comet, which was heading closer and closer towards the sun. When the ray struck the comet, the impact caused the comet to gain considerable speed. Davros watched in the distance as the comet collided with the sun causing it to expand as it started to turn supernova, swallowing everything in its path. The ST2020 entered the time tunnel just as the intense heat from the explosion approached Mars. Davros watched as the sun swallowed the Earth before darkness fell once more.

“At last.” Davros said with a smile. “The Earth and its entire race are dead!”

CHAPTER 14: The Heat Wave of Summer 2020

24 August 3010 – Skaro

Checking the radar screen to see if there were any planets which could possibly support life, John found there was a planet that was emitting signals. An attempt to decipher the signals resulted in failure as the symbols used appeared to be of alien origin. Wondering whether it was safe to land on the red planet, the Captain gave orders to take the ship nearer for a closer look. All that could be seen were mainly wasteland, lifeless looking trees and some hills in the distance. Not far from the hills was a city. Amazed by their findings, the crew tried to get into contact with the occupants of the city, but there was no reply. The crew set to work on landing procedures to land the ship so it would be hidden among the trees to be inconspicuous just in case. With landing procedures complete, the crew changed into their space suits and made their way towards the exit of the ship to make their way to the city. When the Captain was about to give clearance for the crew to leave the ship, he noticed a control panel materialise in front of the ship. Shocked by this, he prevented the crew from venturing outside and gestured to the object that suddenly appeared.

“Where did that come from?” asked Janet mesmerised.

“I don’t know.” The Captain replied. “One minute it was just clear ground, and then that appeared out of nowhere.” He said pointing to the strange object. The crew watched as the control panel metamorphosed into a large rock. “Are we seeing things? Perhaps it’s the atmosphere?”

“We can’t be.” Janet said. “We’ve not opened the hatch.” She continued. “Do you think it would be wise for us to venture outside?”

“I don’t know.” The Captain said. “Let’s just stay put for now.”

Lisa and I monitored the flight of the TARDIS, and saw the central column slowed down to a halt as the TARDIS silently landed beside the ST2020. With an instant, I switched on the scanners and saw the ST2020 outside the ship. All I had to do now was to stop the crew from stepping outside the ST2020 into the radioactive air. Straight away I got onto the communications system to contact the crew.

“Hello, hello do you read me over?” I said speaking into the microphone.

Coming to his senses about what had just happened; John was the first to hear voices on the radio. “Hello, hello do you read me over?” The radio crackled. Settling himself back to the controls, John replied to the call. “This is ST2020 reading you over.”

“Ah thank goodness. Now this is important. Have you opened your hatch over?” The voice said.

“That would be a negative.” John said. “Who is this over?”

“I am a friend. Do I have permission to come aboard over?”

John looked up at the Captain. The Captain looked back with a caution, and then gave the nod. “Permission granted over.” John replied.

At this I set the TARDIS to transport the ST2020 along with its crew to one of the storerooms within the TARDIS. It took me some time to explain who I was and where I had come from.

“So the Daleks brought us here to do all that?” asked Janet with amazement, “and all because of the humans helping the Time Lords?”

“Yes,” I replied, “and I’ve come to prevent it from happening with a plan of my own... I am going to take you home without Davros noticing.”

“How are you going to do that?” asked Lisa, who I had kept in the dark with my plans since we departed from Mars.

“Let’s just say that if Davros can clone the crew for his uses,” I began, “then so can I.”

Looking puzzled, Lisa asked, “Um, how?”

“The plan is to clone the crew and also make a replica of their ship, and leave the copies on Skaro where the crew originally landed as though we had not intervened. Then I am going to land the TARDIS on the console that controls the time corridor and make some small adjustments to the controls.” I answered with a big toothy grin.

“The question is; is it going to work?” The Captain asked.

“Yes most definitely.” I replied with confidence. At this I set the coordinates to take the TARDIS to the bowels of the Dalek City, to the control room where they operated the time corridor.

During the flight to the control room, both Lisa and I felt a phenomenal burning sensation ripping through our bodies. The pain caused by this was so sensational that we subsided to the ground rolling in agony. Showing concern the Captain asked if we were ok.

“I don’t know.” I replied. “Something’s happening, but not to us. It’s like an intense vision of destruction.” I said writhing in agony. “The pain we’re feeling is coming from the minds of those experiencing it.”

Lisa and I witnessed images of people we knew going about their normal lives. The sky was showing no cloud, the sun was shining its summer glow, and the birds were singing their melodic calls. Suddenly there was a flash of light as the sun started to swell, causing a sudden heat wave across the Earth. People looked up in the sky, their hands partly covering their eyes so they could see clearly as the sun swelled even more before them. Panic-stricken people started running and screaming as they rummaged around for shelter, feeling an increase in the temperature as they attempted to hide. The heat was so intense that it burned the skin red, causing the population to cry out even more, but this time in pain. Birds were falling out of the sky burnt to a crisp. As the sun swelled even more, so did the heat. Those who tried to look became blinded as the heat dried and burned their eyes. The tarmac in the roads and pavements started to melt, car tyres started to sink and explode, people started to fall under the intense heat. Aeroplanes in flight exploded, the debris declining to the ground. Cars started to explode, the smell of burning flesh started to hit the air. By this time no one was able to witness or smell all that was going on as life on Earth had come to a total stand still. The screams had died and all was silent. All that could be heard was the loud crackling of fire coming from vehicles. The Earth had turned into one big coffin; all that was left was the cremation as the sun swallowed all that remained.

Lisa and I came round after the devastating vision that was put before us. History as we knew it had been changed.

“NO!” I shouted as I came to terms with what happened. The thought of Davros changing the course of history in a bid to stop a great find that would help lives disgusted me. It became obvious that he did not care what he had done to his race, the Kaleds, turning them into mutated blobs of hate and wiping them of emotion. The thought of all those people who had suffered so much pain from his toil angered me. Especially when there were some I knew as family and friends. After all the human race had done to preserve the lives of the Time Lords, it was up to me with the aid of my companions to help stop this from happening and resetting history to how it should have been. I could see Lisa’s thoughts just by looking at her that she was partially scared. Just seeing her like this made me feel angrier and I cried out once more, “NO!” I stood up and slammed the console making everyone jump. “It shall not happen!”

“What?” The Captain asked with concern.

“He’s changed how things are to be.” I replied as I started working on the controls to take us to the one room where all this turmoil had started. “And I’m going to change it back!” I said in anger.

At this Lisa came to her senses and approached the console to help me as I continued to work on the controls to take us to the Daleks’ control room to stop Davros and his immoral schemes.

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