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Genesis of a Time Lord - Chapter 13: The Armageddon Factor

Written in 1998, Genesis of a Time Lord used the mythology of Doctor Who to educate in a fun way the definition of Cystic Fibrosis.

Join James and find out how he came to know that Cystic Fibrosis is not all it's made to be.

Previously in Chapter 12:

“Welcome,” he said, “I’m technician Mike Snider and this is my assistant Stewart Summers. I trust you had a…” He paused to the sound of grating on the floor behind the crew. “What’s making that sound?” He asked. “It’s coming from behind you.”

No reply came from any of the crew. Instead they stood motionless before standing to one side of the hatch as though they were letting something past. Mike looked towards the source of the sound, but there was nothing there. The grating sound made its way towards Mike, who felt as a powerful force pushed him back, causing him to fall. Dazed and confused, he watched as out of nowhere, Davros and four Daleks materialised. The sight that stood before Mike made him quickly get up onto his feet and step back a few paces.

“What is this?” He asked in a confused tone as he looked at the Captain.

“You will be silent and do as I tell you!” Davros barked.

Mike looked at Davros, then at the Daleks and finally at the five crew members who stood motionless as though hypnotised and waiting for orders.

CHAPTER 13: The Armageddon Factor

19 July 2020 – Mars Station

“At last,” bellowed Davros “Earth’s fate is in my hands.”

Feeling excited that his plan was working, Davros glided over to his prisoners, and then turned to observe from their point of view as the cloned crew and the Daleks set up equipment brought from Skaro on the ST2020. “It is great having enemies you long to destroy.” He said to Mike and Stewart. “I’ve waited with patience for this moment. The efforts I’ve placed to get this far into destroying the Earth is now paying me back!”

“Why Earth?” Asked Mike scared, but curious. “What have we done to you?”

“You’ve been helping my enemies!” Davros barked as he turned to Mike.

“Your enemies?” Stewart asked.

“The Time Lords.” Davros replied.

“Who?” Mike and Stewart asked in unison.

“They’re an alien race and my enemies, who can travel through time and space. They escaped a war with my Daleks and hid themselves amongst your kind on Earth as you creatures look like them.” Said Davros feeling repulsed.

“How you distinguish between us and them?” Asked Mike.

“They came up with a clever disguise using a genetic disorder so that you would help them.” Davros began, and then turned to look back at his Daleks. “My Daleks searched for what seemed centuries trying to find these Time Lords. You Earth creatures had them all along.”

“How many Time Lords are there supposed to be? How can you tell them from us?” Mike asked curiously.

“Put it this way, how many people do you know who have Cystic Fibrosis?” Sneered Davros.

“There must be thousands.” Mike said who paused to think. “Are you telling me they’ve been living amongst us without us knowing it?” He asked astonished.

“I hope you find it is disgusting?” Davros replied. “If my timing is correct, Earth’s scientists are about to open up an evolution of discoveries using the Time Lords gene, so that they will no longer require lung treatment as they go through adolescence. This discovery will of course benefit them, which is something I am to put a stop to. Those who help my enemies are also my enemies.”

“How are you intending to stop all that’s happening on Earth from here?” Mike asked as he looked on at the mad scientist.

“A comet big enough to cause considerable damage to Earth is heading towards the sun. It was calculated by Earth’s scientists that it would strike the Earth in the year 2019, but unfortunately their calculations were incorrect and it missed. With my aid and equipment, and your computers, this comet will collide with the sun at such a force, it will turn supernova and destroy all that is in its path.”

“You’re mad. You’ll kill us all.” said Stewart horrified.

“No not us, just you.” Davros said correcting him. “My Daleks and I shall be watching from a safe distance.”

At this Davros and his Daleks set to work. The cloned crew left the station, and returned to the ship to get more equipment required to upgrade what was already in the station.

Unknown to Davros and his Daleks, I was watching and listening to all he was revealing to his prisoners. “So that is his plan.” I said. “We will soon see about that.”

“What’s the plan?” Lisa asked.

“You’ll see.” I said with a smile on my face.

I couldn’t believe how mad Davros really was. To kill a whole race of humans just because a majority unknowingly aided to keep the Time Lords alive was absolutely ridiculous. I thought back to the time when I started to learn the truth about my origins. I was amazed by how well the secret of Time Lords inhabiting Earth was kept. More to the point, the real reason why I had undergone treatments for what I thought was Cystic Fibrosis. The efforts made to protect the Time Lords were astounding. Especially when I eventually came to realise that not only did the truth affect me, but also everyone I knew, loved and had grown up with. Now of course with the truth being brought to light has brought me to love those close to me even more knowing that they carried out their task of keeping me safe.

With Lisa’s help, I set the TARDIS so it would quietly dematerialise. The usual humming noise of the TARDIS that could be heard throughout the ship was silent. Once more we were being manoeuvred through time and space. This time we were prepared for what was yet to come. Lisa and I checked the TARDIS controls to make sure we did as the Doctor ordered; to go to the correct time of Skaro, to rescue the crew of the ST2020 and return them to their rightful place in time and space.

Ever since the dawn of the human race, Davros set out ways of destroying them only to have failed due to the meddling of the Doctor. However the failure of defeating mankind also became strength towards his latest victory to destroy mankind. Over the years Davros’s power of knowledge of humans and their weaknesses grew. Over the years he had made attempts to get in mans way for survival. Whether it was in the 22nd century when world peace hung in the balance, the 26th century when space was divided between the great empires of Earth and Draconia, or when he sent his Daleks to Exxilon to discontinue an expedition from Earth seeking a rare mineral that could cure the virulent space plague that threatened all human life throughout the galaxy. Davros had learned from mistakes made and this time he was certain that nothing was overlooked. His plan for the destruction of Earth was at last within his grasp. Davros was feeling happy now things were finally going the way he wanted without a certain meddling Time Lord getting in the way.

With everything in place on Mars Station, Davros turned to his prisoners. “I am now going to watch this from a safe distance.” He said as he and his Daleks departed from Mars Station and made their way to the ST2020. Turning back to his prisoners and clones, he continued, “I no longer call for your assistance.” He watched as his Daleks turned and exterminated them all with one single blast. Smiling he turned and continued on his way.

Inside the ST2020, Davros entered the control room, which he upgraded so the Daleks could access the controls, and made his way to what was the Captain’s post. The Daleks got themselves into position for takeoff, and set the controls to head back to the time corridor. Just as they entered the time corridor, a powerful ray of light pushed its way through space from Mars Station and headed out towards the comet, which was heading closer and closer towards the sun. When the ray struck the comet, the impact caused the comet to gain considerable speed. Davros watched in the distance as the comet collided with the sun causing it to expand as it started to turn supernova, swallowing everything in its path. The ST2020 entered the time tunnel just as the intense heat from the explosion approached Mars. Davros watched as the sun swallowed the Earth before darkness fell once more.

“At last.” Davros said with a smile. “The Earth and its entire race are dead!”

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