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Genesis of a Time Lord - Chapter 12: The Invisible Enemy

Written in 1998, Genesis of a Time Lord used the mythology of Doctor Who to educate in a fun way the definition of Cystic Fibrosis.

Join James and find out how he came to know that Cystic Fibrosis is not all it's made to be.

Previously in Chapter 11:

Tears of fear ran from her eyes and down her cheeks. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something move within the shadows of the room. Looking in the direction of the moving object, a Dalek with a dome on the skirting replacing features that she had seen earlier glided forward. Stopping by the side of Janet, the top half of the dome slid back revealing the hideous humanoid underneath. Ignoring the scream given off by Janet it said. “So you have decided to wake and join our company have you?” With an expression of what looked like a smile it continued, “Have I got plans for you.”

CHAPTER 12: The Invisible Enemy

“Oh this is great!” said Steve getting a little frustrated with what happened. “We’ve spent over 4 months in space, travelling to Mars, and what happens? Just as we reach Mars Station, we get brought to this damn planet.”

Jean too felt frustrated. It was not easy for either of the crew to live in the cramped environment the ST2020 offered. When they signed up for the mission, they knew what they were setting themselves up for, and had accepted the fitness exercises they were to do to keep themselves fit throughout the journey. “Well there’s no going back now.” Jean said trying to calm Steve. “Nothing can undo what has happened.”

Steve and Jean were about give up hope of the Captain’s return when they could hear rustling in the distance. Both of them rose to their feet and searched for a hiding place. As they did so, a familiar voice could be heard coming from the direction of the rustling. “Steve? Jean, are you there?” The voice said. It was the Captain.

With much relief, Steve and Jean went to greet the Captain. Both were relieved he was still alive. “How did you get away from those hideous machines?” Jean asked.

“Hideous? Machines?” The Captain asked. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I mean the Daleks.” Jean replied. “They tried to kill us.” She said.

“What?” Asked the Captain confused. “Oh you mean the Mark 3 Travel Machines? They were the guards of the city.”

“Eh?” said Jean startled. “What are you talking about?”

“The machines you talk about, they were guards preventing you from entering secure areas.”

“By killing us?” Steve asked in disbelief.

“Well that was not really their intention.” The Captain replied.

“It sounded like it to us.” Jean said.

“Yes well, that was a misunderstanding on your part.” The Captain began. “And just because the Doctor claimed they’re bad news, doesn’t mean that they’re hideous, machine-like creatures.”

“Where are Janet and John?” Jean asked changing the subject.

“Oh I left them with Davros, the creator of guards.” The Captain replied. “Come, I’ll take you to him.”

Not sure as to whether this was a good idea or not, Steve and Jean discussed amongst themselves what to do next.

“How did he know we were talking about the Doctor?” Jean asked suspiciously. “I feel he was spying on us. But why?”

“Maybe the Captain is right about these Daleks, or whatever they’re called. Perhaps we misjudged them. I see no reason not to go.” Steve said and then glanced at the Captain. “Look at him,” Steve began, “he looks ok to me.” At this Steve turned and strolled towards the Captain. “Well I’m ready when you are Captain.” Turning back to Jean he said, “Coming Jean?”

Still not 100% with what was happening; Jean gave a nod and followed the Captain and Steve.

Knowing anytime now that the TARDIS was to materialise in an environment occupied by Daleks, I looked in the TARDIS log to see if there was any way I could land the TARDIS without it being seen or heard. In the index file I found a chapter titled ‘The Chameleon Circuitry System’. I opened the chapter and started to read through different modes of materialisation. There was one mode known as a ‘pre-scan’, where the TARDIS could scan an object within the environment, remodel itself prior to materialisation, and land on the chosen object inconspicuously. Setting the controls so the TARDIS would do this, I waited tensely as the TARDIS grew nearer to the end of the time corridor and into the company of the Daleks.

The three crew members had reached the Dalek City, and started to make their way back towards the building they had ventured into earlier. Like before the inside of the building consisted of an empty hall, which had three doors leading off into other areas of the establishment.

“Where are Janet and John?” Steve asked.

Pointing towards the door the Captain had stepped through with Janet and John, he led the way. As they approached, the door automatically opened, revealing the familiar site of the corridor leading to a second door. The Captain entered, leading the others to the door, which opened revealing the lift. As the crew members stepped into the lift, Jean began to ponder to where they were going. The Captain activated the lift by pressing one of the buttons on the control panel, and the crew felt a slight jolt as it started to move. They listened in silence as the lift made its way to the next floor. A second jolt took place as the lift came to a halt. Wondering what the room on the other side of the door looked like, the occupants of the lift waited as the door slid silently open.

Like before, there was a corridor leading to another door. Not being able to accept that they were on a different floor due to similarities between the two, Jean and Steve ventured out of the lift, followed by the Captain, and made their way to the door. On approaching the door, it slid open revealing a room with operating tables in the centre. On the tables were shrouds, which covered human shaped moulds. Surrounding the tables were computers and medical equipment.

“Is this some kind of joke?” Jean asked. “Where are we?” As she finished asking her question, she could hear muffling coming from one of the tables. Wondering what was making the muffling sound; she walked over to the table, and pulled of the shroud. To her horror, it was the Captain strapped down.

“Run Jean run!” He shouted. “It is a trap. For God’s sake run for your life!”

She turned to the other Captain to see if she was seeing things. He stood staring back at her with an emotionless look on his face. She noticed he was holding something. As she looked at his hand, she saw a gun. Realising Steve had not reacted at all by what was going on, she looked towards his direction and saw he was no longer standing, but lying down on the ground unconscious. Just as she was about to react, a build-up of energy could be heard coming from the gun followed by a blue-white glare of a neutronic charge. There was a crackle of high-energy discharge and Jean felt the muscle numbing pain as the rays whipped at her at the speed of light. The rays jerked through her body like a violent electric shock. Her head ached and legs buckled under her as the dark blanket of unconsciousness wrapped around. She slumped to the ground.

19 July 2020 – Mars Station

“I don’t understand it. One minute the ST2020 was there, ready to land, then the next minute it was gone.” Technician Mike Snider said to his assistant Stewart as he continued to look at the radar screen, wondering what had happened to the ST2020.

Just as he picked up the radio transmitter to send a message back to Earth about what had happened, the radar screen flared then faded revealing the familiar mark from where the ST2020 was seen. Not believing his eyes, Mike got back onto radio and attempted once more to get in contact with the ST2020 crew.

“This is technician Mike Snider of Mars Station over.” He said bewildered into the radio.

“Technician Mike Snider, this is Captain Scott Myers of the ST2020 reading you over.” The reply was.

“Is everything alright up there over?” Said Mike concerned.

“Everything is fine. Permission to land over.”

“Err, yes, permission granted. I’ll see you when you have docked over.”

Mike and Stewart vacated their positions and made their way towards the hatch. They approached as the pressure chamber altered its atmosphere to suit that of the station. The sound coming from the chamber during the decompression had ceased. This was followed by the sound of heavy latches as the hatch unlocked. The hatch opened to reveal the five crew members of the ST2020. Mike took a step towards the newcomers.

“Welcome,” he said, “I’m technician Mike Snider and this is my assistant Stewart Summers. I trust you had a…” He paused to the sound of grating on the floor behind the crew. “What’s making that sound?” He asked. “It’s coming from behind you.”

No reply came from any of the crew. Instead they stood motionless before standing to one side of the hatch as though they were letting something past. Mike looked towards the source of the sound, but there was nothing there. The grating sound made its way towards Mike, who felt as a powerful force pushed him back, causing him to fall. Dazed and confused, he watched as out of nowhere, Davros and four Daleks materialised. The sight that stood before Mike made him quickly get up onto his feet and step back a few paces.

“What is this?” He asked in a confused tone as he looked at the Captain.

“You will be silent and do as I tell you!” Davros barked.

Mike looked at Davros, then at the Daleks and finally at the five crew members who stood motionless as though hypnotised and waiting for orders.

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