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Genesis of a Time Lord - Chapter 10: Lost in Space

Written in 1998, Genesis of a Time Lord used the mythology of Doctor Who to educate in a fun way the definition of Cystic Fibrosis.

Join James and find out how he came to know that Cystic Fibrosis is not all it's made to be.

Previously in Chapter 9:

Once again I found myself, with Lisa, setting coordinates in the console room of the TARDIS. Just like the Doctor had said, I managed to find a search panel on the display screen, and just as the Doctor ordered, I typed in the name of the spaceship and the planet that I was to find it on. Again as the Doctor said, the search panel gave me a time span as to when the ship landed on Skaro, and how long it stayed there. Setting the coordinates to the time it arrived on Skaro, the TARDIS was soon ready to go to its destination.

“Are you sure we’ll get away with this?” Lisa asked, “I mean although Borusa knew we had gone on that test flight, I’m still wondering where it was he got the knowledge from.”

“Yes I too have been wondering that. Plus the Doctor knew too.” I said pressing the button to dematerialise.

CHAPTER 10: Lost in Space

24 August 3010 – near Skaro

As the ST2020 space mission explored their new surroundings, no clear explanation could be agreed over what happened to the lost ship. John, the Captain and Commander Steve were soon made to realise that Janet was not able to tell them where they were, as the star constellation they were in had not yet been explored by any space traveller from Earth. Even Scientific Advisor Jean could not give an answer. The first thing John tried to do was to get in contact with Earth, or Mars, which concluded with failure. Unsure what to do next, the Captain decided they would explore the new vicinity and see if there were any planets safe enough for them to land.

19 July 2020 – Mars Station

Back on Mars, the technician who gave the ST2020 permission to land looked at the radar screen in confusion wondering why the ship had suddenly disappeared. Thinking it may have been a fault, he checked the computer system, but saw nothing was at fault. Trying once more to get in contact with the ST2020, this resulted in failure. When he realised the ST2020 had disappeared, he got onto the radio to Earth control to inform them what had happened.

24 August 3010 – near Skaro

Checking the radar screen to see if there were any planets which could possibly support life, John found there was a planet that was emitting signals. An attempt to decipher the signals resulted in failure as the symbols used appeared to be of alien origin. Wondering whether it was safe to land on the red planet, the Captain gave orders to take the ship nearer for a closer look. All that could be seen were mainly wasteland, lifeless looking trees and some hills in the distance. Not far from the hills was a city. Amazed by their findings, the crew tried to get into contact with the occupants of the city, but there was no reply. The crew set to work on landing procedures to land the ship so it would be hidden among the trees to be inconspicuous just in case. With landing procedures complete, the crew changed into their space suits and made their way out of the ship and made their way to the city.

Unknown to the occupants of the ST2020, they were being watched by the Emperor Dalek. Watching the occupants from one of the many monitors stood before him in the control centre of the Dalek City, the Emperor Dalek glided across the floor to some doors, which automatically opened revealing a lift. Gliding into the lift, the doors closed behind him and the lift descended levels deep into the city’s underground to a laboratory. Abandoning the lift, the Emperor Dalek glided across the room to the operating tables, which stood in the centre. On the tables were shrouds covering human shaped moulds. Surrounding the tables were computers and medical equipment, which stood waiting patiently for work to commence. As the Emperor Dalek approached the tables, the front upper half of the large dome resting upon the skirt slid silently back. The head of Davros looked at his latest invention to go with his latest scheme. He watched as the shrouds disintegrated, revealing duplicated bodies of the ST2020 crew. Smiling at his latest plan against Earth, Davros looked at the duplicates, which were waiting to be programmed, before he moved to a monitor by the operating tables that revealed the occupants as seen on the monitors in the control centre.

As Davros looked at the duplicates once more, he said in a serious tone, “Stage one complete,” before he continued to watch the ST2020 crew walk straight into his trap.

As they walked through the lifeless forest, the ST2020 crew were astonished by the destruction brought onto the forest. As Jean Hallow, a scientific advisor, looked closely at some of the trees, she made some small comment, not heard by the others, and then continued walking taking in all that was around them.

“What’s up?” asked Janet noticing the concerned look.

“Something bad happened here.” Jean replied.

“What?” the Captain asked.

“Well I don’t know exactly,” she said, “I think this was caused by some war. A war that ended in a nuclear attack, making these trees the way they are now. As for the soil, the heat must’ve been unbearable for the soil to turn to ash.”

“But are we safe?” asked John. “I mean from radiation.”

“So long as we keep these suits on yes,” she replied. “By the look of things, I’d say this war ended ages ago. Plus,” she continued, “there must be survivors from it all, otherwise we wouldn’t have received the signals we’ve been getting.”

“True.” The Captain said as they continued towards the city.

In the control room of the Dalek City, a small group of Daleks hovered around controls as they kept watch over the five ST2020 crew. Their domes turned to the vibration sound of a door as it slid open, revealing their Emperor, Davros. Leaving their posts, they glided over to Davros knowing they were to receive orders for the capture of the crew.

“You know what to do?” The voice of their Emperor bellowed.

“Yes.” They all said at once in their mechanical tone.

“It is vital that you bring them back alive.” He said with great importance, “Immobilise them if you have to, but do not exterminate!” He concluded.

“We obey.” They said as they departed the room onto their latest mission.

Pleased that his next stage was about to commence, Davros glided over to the monitors and watched as the ST2020 crew came closer and closer to the walls of the city.

On approaching the city, the crew looked on in awe as they witnessed the magnificent architectural design put into the walls.

“This is magnificent,” said Janet with admiration, “I’ve never seen such great structures in all my life.”

As they walked through the entrance of the city walls and into the streets, they looked on at the clean; cut uniform design of the buildings.

“But there’s something missing.” John said looking around. “Where are its occupants? We’ve not seen any people.”

“Yes it does seem a little odd the streets are empty.” The Captain replied.

As they continued down the street, the Captain noticed as a door of one of the buildings that looked like the ‘principal’ of the city silently open. Stopping in his tracks, he pointed the door out to the others. As though they were thinking what he had in mind, they all set off towards the open door to look inside.

Inside the building was an empty entrance hall, which had three doors leading off into other areas of the establishment.

“Even the building is empty.” John said. “Where is everyone?”

Taking note of what John said, the Captain decided to allocate two small groups to explore the secrets held by the closed doors, to see if there were any signs of life within the building they were in. “Right,” he said, “John and Janet will accompany me through this door,” he said pointing to the door on the right, “and you,” he continued as he looked at Steve, “shall go with Jean through that door.” He said pointing to the centre door. “If you don’t find anything within 15 minutes, we shall all meet back here.”

At this the two groups descended to the doors they were destined to go to. As they approached, the doors automatically opened as if to greet them into the new room they were about to venture.

The room that the Captain, John and Janet entered consisted of small corridor leading to a second door. On approaching this door, it opened up to reveal a small room, with a control panel on the inside wall.

“It’s a lift.” Janet said.

“Very well analysed there Janet. What qualification did you use to come up with that conclusion?” The Captain grinned.

Ignoring his sarcastic gesture, Janet stepped into the lift, followed by the others. “Now,” she began, “I wonder where this will take us.” At this she pressed one of the buttons on the control panel, and the door slid shut.

The occupants of the lift felt a slight jolt as it started to move. They listened in silence as the lift made its way to the next floor. A second jolt took place as the lift came to a halt. Wondering what the room on the other side of the door looked like, the occupants waited as the lift door slid silently open.

Like before, there was a corridor leading to another door. Not being able to accept they were on a different floor due to similarities between the two, they ventured out of the lift and made their way across the corridor. On approaching, the doors slid open revealing a room with operating tables in the centre. On the tables were shrouds, which covered human shaped moulds.

“I don’t believe it,” began Janet, “it looks as though we’ve come to a mortuary.”

“Yes but look Janet,” said the Captain, “the moulds on the tables are human shaped.”

“What are these computers?” asked Janet taking a step into the room to take a closer look.

“Careful Janet I don’t like the look of this.” The Captain warned.

“Don’t worry. What harm can these corpses do to us? They’re not going to jump up and grab us now are they?” She said as she went closer to the tables.

With curiosity to what the creature of the planet looked like, she reached out to the shroud of the nearest body and pulled it back. Giving off a shriek at the sight, the Captain and John rushed to her side and were horrified to see that the body on the table was of that of Janet’s.

“I don’t believe it.” The Captain said shocked, “What’s going on here?” He paused and turned to the door and beckoned the other two to follow him back to the lift. “Come,” he said, “we’d better go and find the others and get out of here.” At this, all three of the crew made their way to the door.

What the door revealed when it opened made the Captain stop dead in his tracks. His mouth fell open. He tried to speak, but no words came. He sensed that his companions were in the same rigid state of fear that gripped him.

A harsh, grating, mechanical voice ahead of them commanded, “You will move ahead of us and follow my directions. Come this way.” The voice and the creature it belonged to were unbelievable. It was a Dalek, and behind it…three more.

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