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Genesis of a Time Lord - Chapter 1: The Man With Many Faces

Written in 1998, Genesis of a Time Lord used the mythology of Doctor Who to educate in a fun way the definition of Cystic Fibrosis.

Join James and find out how he came to know that Cystic Fibrosis is not all it's made to be.

Allow your imagination to run wild as you fly through time and space with James to defeat the Daleks and their creator, Davros, in this epic story.

Like the original format of Doctor Who, this story will be posted a chapter a day at 5:30pm with some breath taking cliffhangers.

Chapter 1: The Man With Many Faces

The strange element of finding the truth about my life was how it was identified to me. I was told about my life through dreams; visions and telepathic messages sent from someone known as “the Doctor”, who I was soon to make an acquaintance with.

I visualised the Doctor’s different incarnations as his figure changed when it was threatened by death.

In his original form, he had the look of a delicate old man, who had a grandfatherly nature. Although was sprightly and devious match for those who would cross him; the second was a clownish, unpredictable figure with a sense of the absurd about him; the third had a mischievous charisma of his second incarnation came right to the forefront and the stranger became an outgoing man of action; the fourth had a quirky dress sense and favoured a wide-brimmed felt hat, a comfortable and voluminous coat with virtually bottomless pockets and an unfeasibly long multi-coloured scarf; the fifth was much younger in appearance than any of his predecessors, and had a boyish charm and endearing air of innocence; the sixth could be abrasive and brash but there was a human side to him also, one which he tended to keep hidden; the seventh could be dark and manipulative, secretive and angst-ridden, keeping his cards very close to his chest and only allowing others to glimpse a fraction of his true motives and aims; the eighth, just like the fifth was much younger in appearance, and held characteristics of his fourth incarnation. Though like the second incarnation had a clownish, unpredictable figure and outgoing just like his third.

The Doctor was someone who had spent his life exiled from his home world for speaking out for what he believed in. He embarked on journeys with different companions, travelling to strange worlds and risking his life to save others. It was this that I was about to exploit on in my life and travels. To travel to other worlds to give my charity aid to those in need.

The Doctor was also someone who saved my life by sacrificing connections with me until a time came for me to learn about who I really was. Piece by piece like a jigsaw puzzle my life started to come together. I could not believe it at first. It took me time to adapt to who I really was. However when things started happening physically, it was then I quickly established the new life I was about to encounter.

10 October 1998 – Earth

It was nineteen years before I found out about my identity. I could not believe it at first. My life had been kept a secret for all this time. So secret that even I didn’t know who I was until now. I soon learned this was a good thing, because despite whom I was, my mother helped to bring up me, a half-alien life form, protecting, nourishing and giving me what I needed to survive.

Learning my identity made me feel more distinct to those around me at first, but soon that changed when I went to where my kind had derived. The impact humans made to me and my kind was unbelievable. Especially with all the hard work they had done, making life easier for us over the years, so that we could survive under Earth’s atmosphere until we were strong enough to be able to cope ourselves.

It was 10 October 1998 when I started to learn of my true identity. I was in my car parked at Warrington Bank Quay Station waiting for my Aunt Marian. She was visiting to watch my nephew Paul be christened the following day. I remember looking at my watch. 19:50 it said. I looked over my shoulder and saw my Aunt approach the station doors. I got out my car to help with her luggage. I attempted to unlock the boot, but had trouble with the key. No matter which direction I turned it, I couldn't get the boot to unlock. My aunt tried and found it was already unlocked.

“How long have you had this car?” she asked as she rolled her eyes.

“About a year.” I replied smiling.

“And you still can’t get the boot open.” she said as she got into the car.

After I took my Aunt home to drop off her bags, I took her to St John’s Church, where my dad was putting on an American Square Dance evening. Upon arrival at the church, my Aunt got out of the car, and made her way to the church hall leaving me to lock the car before I joined her. As I opened the driver’s door to get out of the car, I felt a tingling sensation travel down my back, and out of the corner of my eye I noticed something peculiar happen to the gearstick. I looked down only to see the numbers on the gearstick change to symbols that, although I had not seen before, somehow was able to read them.

“Time And Relative Dimensions In Space” it read. But what did that mean? At the time I put this experience down to watching too much Sci Fi films and ignored what had happened.

Inside the church hall I saw my nephew, Paul, sitting on his mum’s knee playing with his cuddly toy. I didn’t stay long as I had planned an evening with my friends, so after saying a quick hello, I started to leave the hall to go home. As I was leaving, Ron and Veronica, a dancing couple, stopped me to ask how my health had been since suffering a chest infection where I had to stay in hospital for a fortnight as I was treated with intravenous antibiotics and physiotherapy to help regain my strength. I said I was a lot better and after a quick chat, I began on my way. As I started to leave, I noticed Veronica’s face as it transformed into another female, who had the type of look of a rich villain wearing black clothing...the type of clothing seen in a James Bond film. However this female form was no James Bond character. There seemed to be something alien about this woman. She had the smile of an evil genius. I don’t know why, but I somehow recognised as someone known as Rani. I looked at Ron to see if he had noticed anything about his wife’s transformation, but he continued as though nothing happened. In fact he too shimmered as his face also transformed into that of a man with empty eye sockets and a blue sphere in the centre of his forehead. This was getting to be too much for me and feeling ill by this horrific sight, I managed to say farewell, and then left the room. As I got into the car, I pondered about what I had seen. First the numbers on the gearstick change to symbols, and then seeing Ron and Veronica briefly transform into those beings, and not forgetting the tingling sensation down my back, which happened again as I started the car to drive home. If I’m honest, although I put this down to watching too many Sci Fi films, I couldn’t place which films these appeared in. My current aim now was to get home and have a good time with my friends.

It was a good evening. We watched a science fiction horror film. It was about a team of space cadets going into space, travelling through loopholes to retrieve a space station. It was very jumpy. Something about it that made me daydream about a blue box flying through space. It was not an image I would normally visualise. Ironically it was the sort of image you would see in science fiction films such as the one. I visualised a man with a look of a slightly down-at-heel bohemian eccentric with a baggy jacket, broad-brimmed hat and a long, trailing scarf walking across some sort of room with what looked like a bank of controls mounted in a hexagon console with a cylinder in the centre of it that rose and fell. The walls were a light grey with a pattern of cream coloured roundels. I saw random images of different types of beings I had never seen before. One looked like a dustbin type skirt as the bottom section, a middle section with a sink plunger for an arm, with something like an egg whisk shaped gun that shot a blast of electrifying lasers. The upper section had some sort of grating with a dome on top, of which a stalk stuck out acting as an eye. When I saw this, the name ‘Dalek’ came to mind. Another image of these strange creatures looked like a robotic type man - a Cyberman. The word ‘gold’ came to mind. I didn’t make a connection between the rare substance and the Cybermen, but wondering if their planet covered with gold, I hoped to meet with these creatures. A final image that I saw was of a man visible from the mid-stomach up as the rest was concealed in the skirt casing similar in style as the dustbin Dalek creatures. His face was like the one Ron had transformed into. He seemed to be an important element to these dustbin, or Dalek creatures, but what is something I didn’t know. Perhaps he was their leader or something? Something inside me told me the creatures I saw had an evil instinct about them. I saw invasions and wars spreading fear throughout the universe and alleys being formed to battle against these aliens. Somehow I knew these creatures had links with my life, but what significance these had I didn’t know. Who were they? Where did they come from? How were they created?

Later after my friends had gone home, and my parents returned home with a few of their fellow dancing friends. After refreshments and a bit of social chat my parent’s friends too had gone home. I was helping mum clear away some glasses when I told her about the images I saw knowing she would blame the films for my overactive imagination. However the reaction she gave was quite the opposite than what I expected.

“I was wondering when you’d start getting telepathic readings from your race.” She said.

“My race?” I replied confused.

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