Friday, 27 May 2016

Cystic Fibrosis & Fitness: Part 5

Up until now I always thought a high fat diet in CF and fitness was important.

An article I read on suggested the best diet for fitness is high carbs and protein. The carbs are easier to turn into energy than fat during a workout, which makes sense given that you see carb drinks, not fat drinks in the vending machines at Pure, DW or whatever gym you attend.

Plus protein foods post workout boost recovery and muscle repair.

In order of easiest to hardest for breaking down, carbs comes first, then fat and then protein.

This article The Facts About Protein, Carbs & Fat is something I found interesting for understanding how diet and fitness work together.

It's amazing that when you look into this how you see how easy it is to make small adjustments to your diet to get what you want from fitness.

I once discussed with my dietician what effect going on a low fat diet would have on a person with CF.

The answer was long as you can maintain your weight by the calorie intake i.e. be able to take around 3000 calories per day on a low fat diet, which means eating more food to get the target, then go ahead and do that.

So basically, low fat loads of food OR high fat and small meals can both amount to the same number of calories per day.

The funny thing about all this is I do reasonably well to record what I'm eating using the Carbs and Cals app on my phone. As part of the setup of the app I inputted my height, weight and DOB, my daily activity level and what I would like to gain from my diet in terms of whether I'd like to lose, maintain or gain weight.

This then gives me guidance as to how much carbs, cals, fat and protein I should intake.

For me (5 foot 8 inches, 10.5 stone, high level activity and wishing to gain a little weight), my daily nutrition goals are:

  • Carbs - 408g
  • Cals - 3262
  • Fat - 127g
  • Protein - 122g
And without even trying I do often manage to reach these targets.

The main thing about all this is if you're willing, strong minded and really want to reach your goals, you will always find a way of doing so.

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