Tuesday, 20 October 2015

QBW251 - Day1: The First Dose

Here is an account for what happened today:
7:30am Arrived at the hospital.
7:50am Oximeter check done.
8:00am Paperwork check done.

Took 2 attempts to get cannula in.

Cannula put in and bloods taken.
9:10am Ate toast prior to first dose.

I never thought how much this trial would affect me mentally.

 So many thoughts and emotions to deal with.

 It's lovely to have so many supporters.

What's more is, the support is worldwide.

I'm overwhelmed.
9:25am I'm staring at the new drug! Holding back tears here.
9:30am Final checks are being made prior to first dose.
9:35am I've seen the tablet. It's a capsule. Looks like the blood red capsules similar to Rifampicin, but probably same size as creon.

The nurses are counting the capsules to make sure all is present and correct.
9:45am First dose taken. I'm cured...or am I?

Placebo or not placebo, that is the question.
10:00am First blood sample taken.
10:15am Second blood sample taken.
10:30am Blood pressure and pulse rate taken.
10:40am ECG done.
10:45am Blood sample taken.
11:10am I've lost count to how many people are following me today.

This has gone viral in USA and Australia as well as UK.
11:30am Blood pressure, and pulse rate taken.
11:40am ECG and blood sample taken.

Mmmm yummy...this didn't last long!
Lunch time...chicken roast.  Mmmm!
12:45pm Blood sample taken.
1:30pm Blood pressure and pulse rate taken.
1:40pm Blood sample taken.
1:45pm Urine sample taken and physical examination done.
3:30pm Blood pressure and pulse taken.
3:40pm ECG done.
3:45pm Urine sample taken.
4:00pm Tuna salad baguette "snack". Yummy!
6:00pm Allowed home.
This concludes the first day of my trial.

How do I feel?

On top of the world!!!

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