Monday, 19 October 2015

QBW251 - Day -1: Baseline

Checking myself out - wit woo!
I woke up at 5:40am to the alarm of a clock coming from within a dream I was having. Typical. 20 minutes before my real alarm clock was due.

Ah well, at least I was up early and not late...that would've been another story.

I quickly showered and freshened myself up ready for the big day.

Clothes were laid out ready and a quick look in the mirror at me, as I am now, before I set off to a new life.

I left the house to a dark neighbourhood. Everyone still sleeping as I got in my car and silently left the area to the Medical Research Unit at Wythenshawe.

As I joined the network of traffic on the M6, I compared the motorway to an artery, it's travellers as the blood cells giving life to the island on which we live, which ironically is shaped like a begging dog.

I listened to an assortment of TV themes I downloaded. All of which I found symbolic to this day.

As I drove to Wythenshawe, I watched the sky turn from black to purple to blue. A new dawn, a new day, a new life (must write a song about that).

I parked outside the centre and entered the building which would help set a new life for the CF world.

As the staff were setting up to start today's tests, I was informed I'm the only CF person in the world on this drug trial at present.

I was told the recruiting for this trial is ongoing for taking on more CF volunteers, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Here is an account of what happened today:

7:30am Completed "Quality of Life" questionnaire.
7:50am Weight 66.7kg (gained 0.9kg since last visit).

Temperature and blood pressure done.
8:15am ECG done.
8:30am Urine sample done - they're always taking the piss! LOL
9:00am I did the breathing tests again.

On this occasion towards the end of the first test, my mouth opened slightly after being told not to release my lips from the mouthpiece. Had to repeat the test. Oops!

Though I passed the test - I can breath! LOL
10:20am Lung function FEV1 2.08; FVC 4.51
10:30am Sweat chloride test. Sensation feels like pins and needles.
11:30am Sweat test complete.
11:45am Bloods taken...took 4 attempts. Ouch!
12:54pm All done for the day. Having lunch and then going home.

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