Wednesday, 23 September 2015

QBW251 - Day -2: breathe in and relax

Day -2

Here is an account of what happened today:
6:00am Got up and showered.

View from bedroom window

Ready for the big day
Started my travel to hospital...
7:50am Arrived at the hospital.
8:40am By this time I had my BMI, temperature, blood pressure and ECG done.

Hardest part was to keep quiet during tests as talking would hinder the test and therefore would have to start again.  I wasn't allowed to do anything at all during the tests such as read, use mobile or listen to music for the same reason.
9:00am I was asked to do a urine sample mid-steam.  I asked where the nearest brook was.  I think the staff realised by this time I have a good sense of humour.
9:30am I did a breathing test 1/3, which took 7 minutes to complete.  I passed...I can breath!
9:45am Breathing test 2/3.  Guess what?  I passed again!  LOL
10:15am Breathing test 3/3.  I think I've convinced them now I can breathe.  No more breathing tests.
11:15am Lung function FEV1=2.15; FVC=4.65.
12:00pm Blood samples taken and all is done for today until Monday, 19 October 2015.
Home in time for lunch.

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